More than Artificial Intelligence

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Data Intelligence Made Easy

Data Intelligence Made Easy

We are a consulting company that helps people extract data and use it.

  • Paper Files
  • Scanned Documents
  • Content Management Systems
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • And Other Data Sources

  • Once the data has been identified it can be organized and then used to automate data entry and creating reports.

    Some of the Services We Offer

    Basically, if it is on paper/PDF/image we can extract it to a spreadsheet or database, and if it is in a spreadsheet or database, we can compare against it and/or use it to create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards.

    document scanning
    Digitize Documents

    If you have machine typed, handwritten, or mixed-content documents and want them scanned with advanced OCR techniques for the best quality output possible, we can do that!

    Extract Data
    Extract Data

    More than just OCR, we can gather data elements from scanned documents for use in a spreadsheet or database.

    Reports & Dashboards
    Reports & Dashboards

    Having access to information is great, but until it is organized it won’t do you much good. You need reports that answer specific questions and a dashboard that both gives you a high-level overview and lets you drill-down into the details.


    Healthcare - Finance - Insurance - Energy - And Many More.
    If you deal with paperwork and/or digital data, we can help!

    A Few Specific Things We Do

    The list is nearly endless as developing technologies continue to expand our service offerings. For now, here's a few specific examples of how we can help you on your data journey:

    Digital Land and Field

    The Oil & Gas industry can now bring cutting edge technology to streamline data entry and field work with over a 90% increase in efficiency.

    AP Invoice Automation
    AP Invoice Automation

    • From small businesses to big corporations, we can process AP and all other types of accounting documents and data so you don't have to. Just upload, extract, review and import. No Templates

    AP Invoice Automation

    Grooper Consulting

    Grooper Platform Experts

    Grooper Platform Experts

    We are partners with BIS (the creators of Grooper) and have multiple staff members that have been though both introductory and advanced Grooper training.

    We have created several off-the-shelf resources (extractors, lexicons, and models) that many Grooper users find useful. This helps new Grooper users “hit the ground running” and gives existing Grooper users a “head start” when tackling new challenges.

    We also work with Grooper customers to build, improve, and deploy their own content models.


    Right now you need to have as efficient a process as possible. Let us help you maximize the productivity and value of each and every member of your team.

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