AI/Data Extraction for the

Oil & Gas Land Department

Oil & Gas Leases

Advanced OCR and AI allow us to navigate the Oil & Gas Lease the same way a Sr Lease Analyst or Landman would. Extract Dates, Lessor, Lessee, Legal Descriptions, County, State, Gross Acres, All Clauses and Obligations, Payments Obligations, Recording Information and much more. Create Lease Schedules in Minutes not days. 

Right Of Way- Easements-Surface Use Agreements

All surface contracts have valuble data that must be tracked in the same manner minerals are managed however slightly different. Surface contacts carry different information then Mineral Leases and must be treated as such. We have built our system to recognize that you want your line and land to go from point A to point B. Map it and give me the details. We can extract the data to do just that.

Mineral Ownership Reports

Every great Landman will provide a Mineral Ownership report or MOR with their lease packets. A good MOR will contain valuble information such as Net acres and Mineral interest by lessor. Usually the MOR wil also state if there is an Oil & Gas Lease for that ownership. We have found that by extracting the data from MORS and comparing them to Oil & Gas Leases we can come up with instant Net Acres. Mineral Ownership reports also serve as a good double check to the machine. 

Lease Data Sheets

Many times over we have heard “The Owners come and go but the prospect stays the same.” Acquiring Oil & Gas Interest from one party to the next can become time consuming and cumbersome. Many times that data has been passed down so many times all we have left are data sheets from a system long ago. Well now those print outs from the last land system have valuable information that we can compare to your other documents to make your data conversion or due diligence faster and more efficient. 

Division Orders

Division Orders, Divisions of Interest, DOI , whatever you call them we all know them well. If you receive an interest in an Oil or Gas well you should receive a Division Order. These Statements contain vauble information in regards to the subject well. Its also a form that you will sign to get PAID.Extract that data and create lists of your interst by Type, Well, Percentage and many more criterias. We can process thousands with very high accuracy for extraction  and data analyzation.