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OpenBots is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that does not charge individual bot licensing fees.  OpenBots Studio is their free application for designing RPA bots.  Even though the core application is free, there are some extra functions that are part of the OpenBots ecosystem that do have a cost associated with them, namely OpenBots Cloud Server and OpenBots Documents.

Now, you are already going to be saving money by integrating RPA into your workflows, and you’ll be saving even more money by choosing the OpenBots platform… but who wouldn’t want to save even more?  Keep reading to get some coupons!

OpenBots Cloud Server

There are two levels to OpenBots Cloud Server Growth and Enterprise.  You need OpenBots Cloud Server for orchestration.  Orchestration allows you to run bots unattended, basically you can schedule them or set up triggers instead of having to “push play” when you want them to run.  Let’s say you wanted a file to get downloaded every Monday morning and the pertinent information emailed to somebody.  You could create a bot that goes to the website, downloads the compressed folder that contains the file that you need, unzips the contents to a specific directory on your file share, opens up your email application, attaches the one file you’re interested in to an email, and sends it. Depending on the size of the files, this bot might take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to execute. If you had to run it manually it may not feel like a huge time savings, but by using OpenBots Cloud Server orchestration to schedule it to run at 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning, before you even arrive at the office, there’s one more task that you don’t have to deal with!

OpenBots Cloud Server Growth is $499 a month and includes 240 hours. Enterprise is $1,999 a month and includes 2,000 hours of orchestration – The ultimate bot orchestration solution for enterprise-wide efficiency.  Each tier has some other benefits to it as well.

Before continuing on I do want to interject here a quick reminder that Intellese has certified OpenBots Developers on staff and can create bots for you and your company.  We can then deploy those bots using OpenBots Cloud Server to you for you to run, manage, and do further development on if you so desire.  OpenBots is all about the democratization of data, and Intellese is all about empowering you to use that data efficiently.  Sometimes that means we do all the work for customers, including some great long-term relationships, and sometimes that means that we just help them get started and they take over from there.

OpenBots Documents

OpenBots Documents is an RPA powered IDP solution. IDP stands for Intelligent Document Processing. OpenBots Documents comes in three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Enterprise.  Basic costs $29 a month, includes five Validation Station users, and pages cost $0.30 a piece. Standard costs $299 a month, comes with unlimited Validation Station users, and pages only cost 20 cents each.  Enterprise is one of those “call to discuss” situations, so we won’t get into its details here.  Pages are sold in 100 page bundles, so you can both control your costs and make sure that you have enough pages available when you need them.

Purchasing OpenBots

So, whether you are creating the bots yourself in OpenBots Studio, or working with Intellese to have bots designed for you, you are now at a point where you want to purchase OpenBots Cloud Server and start orchestrating deployed bots, and maybe OpenBots Documents too!  For this example we will just be purchasing OpenBots Cloud Server.  The process for OpenBots Documents is very similar, and I have full confidence that you, dear reader, can apply these principles to that process successfully as well.

Here is a quick video on how to purchase, or you can follow the instructions below:

First you need to go to the product page for OpenBots Cloud Server:

OpenBots Cloud Server Discount Code

Click on “Start Now”.

OpenBots Cloud Server Coupon Code

Decide which level of OpenBots Cloud Server you would like to purchase and Click on “Buy”.

OpenBots Documents Coupon Code

If you are new to the OpenBots platform you will need to create an account. Accounts are free to create (isn’t OpenBots great?).  So, either Login or Register.

OpenBots Documents Discount Code

Before you can make a purchase you will also need to create an Organization. Each of these discount codes will work once per organization.

Once you are logged in you will be on the second step (of three) of the purchasing process.  On this page you’ll need to enter the Intellese Partner Referral Code (USISE001). This activates your ability to use the discount code on the checkout page (which is coming up next).  Fill out all the other necessary information and click next.

RPA Discount Code

On this page fill in your billing information and then you use the Voucher Number from below.

RPA Coupon Code

And that’s it! You are now a proud subscriber to OpenBots Cloud Server, and you got the best deal possible on it!  Subscribing to OpenBots Documents is basically the same process, but on a different product screen.

Thank you for your time today reading this quick tutorial, now for your reward:


Be sure to enter the Intellese Partner Referral Code on the first page to unlock the use of the discount code on the checkout page.
Intellese Partner Referral Code:  USISE001
Due to events after the publication of the article, the codes have been removed from it. Please contact us at and we can send the codes to you directly.

OpenBots Cloud Server Voucher Number (Discount Code):  USISE001CLD20OFF3M
OpenBots Documents Voucher Number (Discount Code):  USISE001DOCS20OFF3M