Convert Handwriting to Machine Type

Convert Handwriting to Machine Type

Prior to the ubiquitous use of computers, or typewriters (or even word processors), handwritten documents were the norm. Still today, most forms filled-out in person (such as at a doctor’s office) include a significant amount of handwriting. Forms like those are considered “mixed content” documents.

It is very hard to work with digitized handwritten documents such as notes, vintage legal contracts, or mailed letters. And mixed-content forms are an OCR nightmare!

We have a system in place to not only digitize these documents, but to generate typed content for them as well; so that they are fully prepared for OCRing and data extraction.

For as little as $5 per page, we will expertly create typed and type-simulated documents that mirror the content of your handwritten and mixed-content documents. We can even handle cursive!

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