Mortgage Processing

Intellese Mortgage Processing Analyzer

Achieve over 99% document field extraction accuracy using Grooper patented OCR synthesis and image processing technology. Automate mortgage document organization and naming to end manual indexing and classification.

Get It Done With Us

Extracting data from variable loan documents has traditionally been a time-consuming, manual process.

Since nobody wants to waste resources or miss out on better outcomes.

Act now to protect your company.


Post Close Audits

Eliminate costly buy-backs. Perform post close audits on more loan documents. Intellese mortgage process automation enables rapid integrity audits to flag any loan deficiencies or discrepancies that may have occurred during the mortgage loan process.

Automate Abstraction

Have teams of people working on contract abstraction for complicated contract documents? Intellese natural language processing and machine learning enable a true understanding of context. Looking for the accurate effective data across multiple amended contracts? Intellese lease and mortgage process automation is the answer.


Data Validation

Trusting extracted data is scary. Ensure accurate data by performing real-time validations on extracted data in mortgages and leases. Perform mathematical validations on documents like Truth in Lending Disclosures or perform lookup validations by comparing values on external databases.


Automate Classification

Spend more time helping customers by eliminating manual document indexing. Use the Intellese The Mortgage Analyzer to automatically classify documents, both new and previously archived. The Analyzer is pre-configured to integrate with your CMIS compliant repository, SQL database, or Microsoft environment.

Save Time

By implementing The Intellese Mortgage Analyzer, Customers cut their mortgage processing time in half. As a result, customer service  improves and essentially wipes out frustrations caused by slow processing.


Forms Processing

Process forms quickly and more accurately without barcodes, separator sheets, or templates. Intellese provides hands-free text extraction for seamless integration of form data into virtually any cloud or local database system or application.

Analyze Mortgage Documents

MINI CASE STUDY: A large nation wide credit union uses The Mortgage Analyzer to streamline automated mortgage processing for their customers.

They quickly and accurately process as many as 25,000 documents every month from nearly 50 branch offices.

The credit union automates critical mortgage validation and verification workflows by integrating their member data system with The Mortgage Analyzer

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Automation is the single most important evolution in mortgage processing. In addition to preventing frustrations like missed lock-in loan rate deadlines, automation enables financial institutions to serve customers faster than ever. 

Customers like fast. Quick and painless processing leads to happier customers who are much more likely to refer a friend.

Mortgage Processing

Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

According to S&P reports, operating costs at banks and credit unions are catching up to revenue. Achieving efficiency gains while balancing regulation and profitability is today’s challenge. And there’s proof that meeting this challenge head-on with technology-based optimizations reduces costs by 30% – without sacrificing growth! Traditional approaches to efficiency like reducing headcount and funneling cash into IT aren’t nearly as effective as automating document-based processes and data integration workflows.

"Our time spent getting the documents into the system and data indexed has been cut in half. The mortgage department and members across the country have benefited greatly from Intellese Analyzer by meeting deadlines earlier and having information available much faster".

– Gerald Davis, Manager of Support Services, American Airlines Credit Union

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