Lease Analyzer powered by Grooper

Intellese Lease Analyzer powered by Grooper

Our newest product from Intellese the Oil, Gas & Mineral Lease Analyzer. It is a SaaS A.I./ Data Extraction system that will automatically gather information such as dates, lessor, lessee, county, state, legal descriptions, lease clauses, recording information and so much more! With this software, users can make changes to data on the fly and enter custom notes for better accuracy and overall integrity of data. This is going to change the capabilities oil & gas landmen, lease analyst, land techs and other land professionals.With this tool you, can process leases into a database or land system up to 6X’s faster than an oil and gas analyst. The best part about this is that you are in control. It is a tool for the land professional not a replacement. Contact us today for pricing!

Time is Money

Classify and analyze leases up to 6x faster than most trained analyst. Don’t waste time digging, looking and preparing. Just upload your packets and go. The Lease Analyzer does it for you. 

Export & Integrate

Export to Excel, SQL Tables (MSSQL & MYSQL) , Access Database, .CSV, .ODS, .TXT and more. Also Integrate with Land Systems and Databases. Contact us today to learn more. 

Top Performer

Be the best analyst you can be with the Lease Analyzer. Using the data review you can capture all of the data you want. Approve it an upload into your system. When its time to report you will be ready. 

Unlock your lease data.

AI / Data Extraction is part of the process. Pull all of the information from your leases. Find clauses you did not know existed. Catch payment and obligation clauses like never before.  



*Up to 10 Leases Extracted

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