Intellese and Alkymi, Bringing Web-Based IDP Solutions to the Energy Sector and More!

Intellese has partnered with Alkymi to provide even more intelligent document processing solutions and services. Alkymi is an award-winning IDP solution that has been mostly applied to structured and semi-structured documents in the financial sector. Alkymi has partnered with Intellese to expand their product’s capabilities to the oil & gas and renewable energy markets. Intellese is also Alkymi’s first pattern writing partner! Intellese doesn’t just resell Alkymi, Intellese can create and maintain patterns for Alkymi users.  With multiple certified pattern makers on staff, Intellese is ready to help every Alkymi client utilize their software to its maximum potential and introduce everyone else to its capabilities.  In addition to offering custom pattern design, Intellese has several “off the shelf” patterns ready to go; including oil & gas pop statements, Quorum agreement data sheets, invoices (which applies to every business in every industry), and explanation of benefits (EOBs are used in the healthcare industry by medical care providers and insurance companies).  In addition to these specialized patterns, more general document types such as tax forms and financial statements are either ready to go or are able to be created quickly.

Unlike many other data capture solutions that utilize geographic extraction or simple predefined templates, Alkymi utilizes a suite of computer vision and artificial intelligence tools to read documents like a person would and extract out the useful pieces of information. Because of Alkymi’s unique design, it not only OCRs documents, but applies ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) to documents for improved functionality.  The core functionality of Alkymi lies in its “patterns”.  Patterns are what tell Alkymi what and how to extract the necessary data from a document. Patterns are created by Pattern Builders, trained users like us at Intellese, to enable the Alkymi platform to classify documents and extract the relevant information.  Users can then review the extracted data before exporting the data and the documents via API to whatever database or service they desire. Intellese is able to configure document submission and data exporting functions for customers as well.

Because Alkymi is a web-based application with high uptime guarantees that a wide variety of individual companies can make use of, Intellese is able to both help you get started on your IDP journey with Alkymi, or be a long-term full-service solution with this platform.  Utilizing the Alkymi Data Inbox product and Intellese patterns or pattern writing services, you and your company can realize all these amazing benefits in the quickest time possible!

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About Intellese

Intellese is a data services provider that specializes in extracting data from scanned documents, organizing data from multiple sources, and optimizing workflows with various automation platforms.

About Alkymi

Alkymi is empowering businesses to unlock their data and supercharge their workflows. Our products—Data Inbox, Patterns Studio, and Patterns—empower business users to create a Data Action Layer that turns processes that once caused operational headaches into a source of efficiency, insight, and action. 

Granting users the ability to extract, analyze, and take immediate action on critical data that was locked in emails and documents of all types empowers organizations using Alkymi are able to accelerate decision-making, improve customer satisfaction, and empower their employees to focus on high-value, rewarding work. 

Alkymi was founded in 2017 in New York City by a team from Bloomberg, Two Sigma, and with backing from Intel Capital, Canaan, Work-Bench, SimCorp, and industry insiders.