Digitize Documents

Document Scanning Services

Whether your project involves one record or millions of records with an insane timeline, we’ve got you covered. 

Large Document Scanning Services

Transform huge amounts of paper to pristine digital images with enhanced image processing.

Extract info from the pages of your files. Highly accurate OCR results makes hundreds of fields searchable.

  • Large format document scanning services for blueprints and plans
  • Book scanning to save historical records
  • Protect all of your valuable data from disaster today

Custom or Confidential Processing

Our data processing services clerks follow procedures designed to protect your data. The DMC facility uses the best and most modern safety tech to ensure your data remains private.

  • Use Intellese tech and expertise to augment existing software or services
  • Companies that sell data use the DMC to provide their customers with valuable data
  • Fast processing for a merger or acquisition
  • Proof of concept projects
  • Digitizing and extracting information from historical record archives

Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion

Save time by locating documents digitally versus the tough process of finding the old-fashioned way. In addition, speed up workflows with increased search capability, document classification and accurate data extraction from the body of the document.

  • Remove scratches
  • Isolate pictures and drawings
  • Auto page cropping and orientation
  • Export in any file format

Invoice Digital Processing

Our data processing and outsourced services include lock box services to allow you to never handle another paper invoice again. We can quickly check invoices to ensure that discounts and credits are properly applied.

Line item extraction allows looks at every line to find discrepancies in amounts ordered versus charged. You can also match invoice data to PO system and flag irregularities.

Human Resources

We can easily find hundreds of document types in employee files, pull out employee data, and verify accuracy by checking the data against your system of record.

Redact sensitive data, such as SSN or DOB for documents that need to be shared outside of HR. In addition, data migration clerks are held to high confidentiality standards. Our clerks receive annual HIPAA, PHI, and PII training.

Speed up Acquisition Processes

Speed up time to business value by outsourcing records processing. Instead, let our document scanning experts handle the truckloads and boxes of paper.

  • Scan and extract data from hundreds or thousands of records per day
  • Free up employees to work on day-forward scanning
  • We provide secured transportation for scanning boxes of records
  • Scan to PDF and integrate critical data into your software
  • Perfect for oil and gas land records acquisition

Gregg Gann

IT Project Manager

“Space is a premium here, so being able to scan the paper that we no longer need and have that available electronically at a moment’s notice is tremendous value to us. Any time that we can offer up the information quickly and efficiently and accurately, we definitely show return on investment.”