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The Intellese

Business Analyzer

Now there is a tool that help you see your business like never before. 

"I have my weekends back. The business analyzer has allowed me to get my job done on time everytime."

– Jonathan Berg

Stop the Stress and Extract from the Mess

Invoices are coming in daily, Price Lists are changing, Vendors offer discounts if you can pay early. You must keep your vendors accountable. This requires auditing of your information and that can take hours, weeks, even months. Most companies employ a Part time or Full time position costing Thousands of dollars a month and still causing Shrink. Not Anymore! With The Business Analyzer powered by Grooper you will spend time making the business run not running around the business.

Collect Actionable Data

Extract data like never before. Process thousands of documents at a time with 95-99% Accuracy.

"We were spending 40-80 hours a week going through invoices to compare to our wholesale price sheets. The Intellese Business Analyzer has reduced that time to 2 hours per month. I am not only saving on payroll, we are finding shrink in overcharges we would have missed before. "

– James Ferguson 

The Universal Tool for all of your Business Data needs

The Intellese Business Analyzer can extract data from any document, data set , spreadsheets and more. The best part is you are in control


Content Management

Your business is a mix of digital and physical documents. Intelligent document processing puts you in control of all document processing workflows.

Starting with paper or microform? Connect directly to scanner hardware to maximize efficiency and speed. Process all documents from any source without separate modules or add-ons.

Data Analytics

Meaningful analytics and business intelligence require accurate data from as many sources, and as many different sources, as possible.

By unlocking difficult data from obscure sources like paper, and electronic transactions, organizations expand their decision-making processes to more functional and front-line roles.

Community Management

Create a more stable and connected digital ecosystem by integrating data from cloud or local sources.

The Analyzer enables accurate and intelligent information management by using validations and external database look-ups. Easily connect data systems without complex code or fragile APIs

Human Resources

HR and forms are two words that go together. Hiring and keeping up with employees can be costly and inefficient. 

Upload information from resumes to on board new employees faster then before. 

Audit employee files for accuracy and use data analytics to review your employees performance. 


Project Management

Easily see your documents to review in a simple dashboard that allows employees to process data one by one or in large batches.

We work with you on perfecting the Artificial Intelligence to perform at 99-100% extraction accuracy. 

 Track your employees progress and know where they are every step of the way. 


Extract information to upload into your payroll system for faster employee onboarding. 

Audit your payroll data for cost like unemployment, Taxes, Insurance and more to find ways to reduce operational expenses.

Auto fill payroll forms to file with the government or state. 

Finance Analytics

Invoices, Check Stubs, Revenue Statements, Price lists, Inventory lists and ore can become your worst nightmare in a financial audit.

With The Analyzer you can audit your daily intake of documents and data from your vendors. Pre audit all of your data to stop shrink and catch errors before it is too late

Ticketing System

Ticketing Systems contain a plethora of information that is valuable to your business running smooth and efficient. 

Manually entering information can be tedious and time consuming. 

The Intellese Business Analyzer can get all of the data you need to upload into your Ticketing System and save time on manual data entry.

Event Planning

Capture time sensitive information from your documants and data so you do not miss an obligation that could cost you thousands of dollars and maybe your business. 

The Business Analyzer can find and extract obligation information from Contracts, Invoices, Legal Documents, Revenue Schedules and more. 

Never miss and obligation again with the Business Analyzer.

Analyze Your Data and Save Money

Click below to read a case study from one of our customer success stories. A small Insulation business in the Pacific northwest uses The Intellese Business Analyzer to audit their invoices to compare to vendor price lists. See how auditing his data has saved his company thousands in just two months. 

"The Business Analyzer allows my employees to be 4x-6x faster at data entry than before."

– Dave Burleson

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